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Nine reasons why you need a website for musicians Online- Filarmonica
1.Personal cabinet.

We provide you with a personal cabinet (account) where you will find all the tools, enabling you to realize your talent from A to Z in music: user profiles, activity streams, private messages, notifications, and more.

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Are you a composer, musician, singer, arranger, poet, sound engineer? Our music social network will allow you easily purposefully to communicate with each other for the joint creation of songs, albums, concerts, tours ...

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Copyright protection is the most important moment in the work of any artist..

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Create whatever you have in mind; post your work in your home and in the general gallery. Read the reviews and actively comment..

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9.Become a shareholder
In addition to the fact that the main direction of the project is to develop the creativity, it is also a serious business project with the possibility of endless profit growth.
Every time you acquire Pro status, you accumulate the bonuses, one bonus is $ 25. They are summed up, and in the future, when the company will receive the profit from advertising, your bonuses will participate in distribution of the company's profits, according to the Marketing Plan. The system is thought out in such a way that all "pitfalls" are excluded, everything is presented clearly, compactly and clearly.

You can become a producer, philanthropist, or sponsor under very unusual terms.

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6.Blogs generator

In addition to the personal account available on the FREE status, users with the PRO status are invited to use the capabilities of a unique module - "Blog generator".

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Participate in monthly competitions, music, song, for the best compositions. Win prizes and awards. This is the only project in the world where everyone wins.

8.Organization of concerts

How to organize a full concert? Planning a concert tour? You will succeed through our project.

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Philosophy from Serghei Railean
“Someone said: «Talents should be helped, mediocrity will break through”. Why should one help talented people? As they are in continuous state of exploration, searching for the new and the beautiful, and there is neither money nor time to promote and spread their own talent. Here the brilliant idea leaped in the mind to create a project called OnlineFilarmonica”.

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Уважаемые участники проекта Online Filarmonica!
Serghei Railean...

Mike Orlov 13.12.20 12:30

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Vadim Sainsus

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Diego Sanshes


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Spain singer

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Anna German

Джаз на столе

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Моя преданная аудитория
Я очень люблю музыку. Ищу единомышленников.

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Anna German

Блюз на саксофоне

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About me

Мой новый клип
Я очень люблю музыку. Ищу единомышленников.

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Online- Filarmonica Online Filarmonica - is one of the few social networks where you can make money. We offer two marketing plans, such as FREE (free) and PRO (paid).




Become a member of the Online Filarmonica network, get acquainted with its capabilities and potentials, communicate with colleagues and friends, rate works, like, write comments. ...

Online Filarmonica - FREE plan.
FREE plan Online Filarmonica reserves the right to adjust certain parts of the marketing, guided by expediency and business development. At the initial stage, we are not yet considering remuneration from concerts that will take place in places.





In order to make money with Online Filarmonica network, you have to buy a $ 25 Pro package. The package is active for 30 calendar days. Then it is updated manually or automatically ...

Online Filarmonica - PRO Plan
The number of personal invitees is not limited. They all line up in classic line marketing. Depth 7 levels. The distribution of profits takes place in the following order: 20% goes to the company's account and is used to develop the project, encourage leaders, valuable gifts to participants in various kinds of contests in the Online Filarmonica format. 80% is distributed over the structure up to the 7th level.


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